Tuesday, July 9, 2013


I just joined a facebook group called Writivism and oh my God! It’s a helluva group! I love the insightful literary conversations there from very witty readers who’ve all been swallowing good fiction. I discovered some of my dear peeps, Black Technocrat and Elias Ozikpu and I’m looking forward to interacting with new friends too. And the group name, “Writivism,” whoa! brilliant, I absolutely love it. I’m a young writer/reader myself and I generally write fiction and satire to make people laugh but learn with very crazy blogposts. On that note, the name of this group inspired my short rhymed write-up…“when you need some literary spasm, just follow the comments on Writivism keenly like plant tropism. You’ll get blown away by the intellect of the optical optimism and perverse pessimism spontaneously illuminating and darkening our prose discussion prism; reminiscent of the cold war between capitalism and communism. The mechanism here is not Nazism or Fascism but it ranges from sky-high praise to positivism criticism, negativism criticism, skepticism and even cynicism. All of them are essential in understanding the complexities of the human organism, yes, this our literary paroxysm and social media activism called Writivism.” Please, don’t call me Mr. ism. Congratulations to Tope Folarin for winning the big one.