Monday, May 29, 2017

Baggage reconciliation wahala

The old man walks towards my colleague E and says, “Err, I just disembarked from the flight and my bag didn’t come out of the conveyor belt. This one here looks like my bag but it isn’t”. E asks for his luggage tag and he produces it. E checks and says, “The name and tag numbers on both the luggage tag and your bag match. Pa, it is your bag”. “No, it is not”. E proposes that, they both go to the airline office to check the contents of the bag. The old man removes stuff, “Hey, they are my things oh but this is not my bag.” “How come?” E wonders. “I checked in a pink bag but this is a red bag though my things are in it. I’m telling you, it is not mine, your airline changed my bag!”