Monday, July 15, 2013

NoViolet’s Hair

It’s tidy, dark, well groomed, repels every single comb, thus it is shaggy,like that of the reggae artist Shaggy or a teenage version of Bob Marley. Is she going to grow it to level like Bob’s progeny, Damian Marley? I would love to see her rearrange it to the hot 2001 style of Craig David. Maybe she will sustain it at the level of Fugees singer/rapper Lauryn Hill. I’m musing how mentoress grooms it, everyday she caresses the hair hills like Chipo caresses her small pregnant stomach, applying special ointments to make it shiny, glittery and hilly, standing singly, all over the place like dotted trees across the almost semi arid Savannah of northern Cameroon. But the reality as I studied in Biology, is that, with age, oxygen bubbles are going to enter into the hair follicles and the hair hills will become grayish even whitish like lather from washing with detergent which is so soapish. Shall we still relish the hair? Not at all, at that time it will really be rubbish and she would tell the story, “Now my hair is finished, it even looks fetish but when I was a young woman, the world not only devoured my writing but also looked upon my hair with much relish as if I were a rare fish or a Swedish or Polish. Every time I did polish it, then it could win the award for the most versatile female writer hairstyle because it was really very stylish.