Friday, June 12, 2015

Book cover of the 2015 Caine Prize anthology, "Lusaka Punk and other stories"

"Beyonce, you just got punked!" Do you remember that show that punks celebrities? The Caine prize has also punked! Lol. Not William Gibson's cyberpunk nor steam punk nor that celebrity punk show but to Lusaka Punk its readers. (Stop kidding). Here is the cover of the just published 2015 Caine prize anthology designed by the incredibly talented Victor Ehikhamenor which contains our Ghana Caine prize workshop stories and 2015 Caine prize shortlisted stories. Buy your copy, swallow the seventeen stories and "you will just get Lusaka Punked".Thumbs up to brilliant young writer Zambian/Ghanaian Efemia Chela who beat everyone to the title by writing the lead story, an interesting insight about the city of Lusaka, Zambia's capital.

The fiction I wrote is dark comedy titled "Wahala Lizard", lol, set on board a plane, a flight from Douala to Addis Ababa. There is an Ebola scare on the plane and serious Ebola commentary before an ugly male Agama lizard pops out of "nowhere" and causes a lot of wahala, "way yi cause chakara sotay!!!" But within the funny lines lies serious questions about breaches in aviation security. The story itself was half inspired by what actually happened at my work place.  So here comes the book cover!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Bertrand's Baobab Tree

"Not quite sure but it looks like Nkia's baobab tree although not as golden as his, it still remains a baobab" my classmate Mencha Bertrand. 
Thanks Bert, this one looks unique and creative! But a little scary! Like something straight out of a horror movie. Damn!