Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Poetry for "Happiness, Like Water" by Chinelo Okparanta

Poetry for “Happiness, Like Water”
Chinelo Okparanta, a fresh contemporary voice from Nigeria.
Savour did I the debut book of this stunning Aphrodite’s daughter.
Published by Granta, bestowed the title, “Happiness, Like Water.”
It never left my fingers and even vanquished my literary hunger.
Sweet prose, hmmm, just like bread and butter even hamburger.
I devoured it with the swiftness of the cartoon in “Road Runner.”
“Happiness, Like Water,” witty prose flowing like a beautiful river
That bathed me abridging the high temperature of my literary fever.
When the atmosphere gets hotter, shriveled leaves wilt and wither
But not “Happiness, Like Water,” it will sail the turbulent weather,
Like an arrow skillfully shot from the bow of an experienced archer.
“Happiness, Like Water,” steadily, sturdily climbs the literary ladder
For its story, “America” was nominated for the 2013 African Booker.