Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Temporary shutdown of the Douala International Airport

Some important news for all my diaspora peeps who may be planning to visit Cameroon in March. Sorry! Only through Nsimalen! From March 1st to March 21st 2016, the Douala International airport will be temporarily shut down, so that repair/reconstruction work can be done on the ramp and the main buildings. The airport’s entrance road is already having its tarmac replaced. (The construction of a new/second runway rumor is a lie). This project will be carried out by SOGEA SATOM and Razel. A good number of flights especially the European ones will transfer operations to the Yaoundé airport in Nsimalen during the shutdown period. Most of the smaller flights will not transfer there. Some of my colleagues will move there to work during that period. Others will be on holiday. Me? I’ll be on holiday oh! And I’m wondering why the government cannot just build a new modern airport altogether.