Monday, February 29, 2016

How the leap year made me work my hardest in 2016

The leap year has never been significant to me until this year. Okay, you hear the airport is shutting down on March 1st and on February 28th you are happy that your holiday starts tomorrow -March 1st, until someone tells you, "No, this year is a leap year, tomorrow is February 29th, you have to work tomorrow!" You scratch your head and fret at the Astronomers for allocating the leap year thing to this year, to make you work on Feb 29th. "Ah! it should have been last year or maybe next year!" You go to work and the second flight you are scheduled to work on has got a five and a half hour delay. You don't fret at those astronomers anymore, you just hate them, all those Nicolaus Copernicus kind of people, for making you spend fourteen and a half hours of the leap day at work!