Friday, November 6, 2015

The Rocket like Dreamliner maneuver

I captured these images of a new Dreamliner flying spectacularly into the sky like a rocket from CNN. I was in awe. This is piloting at its very best. The plane took off normally then did the upward trajectory in style. But there were no passengers on board and little fuel; just enough for the plane to take off, do its ambitious rocket maneuver and land, so there wasn’t a lot of weight on it hence making it lighter and very suitable for such a feat. 

Now after seeing these amazing shots, I began wondering if there was any iota of truth in the Hollywood movie, “Flight” in which the pilot, Denzel Washington flies a plane upside down (it crashed though). So one day while working on a Rwandair flight, I made sure I walked next to the captain to the boarding gate when the aircraft was sealed and started chatting with him.
“Yes,” he said.
“I have watched a Hollywood movie, “Flight” in which Denzel Washington flies a plane upside down and…”
“Hahahaha” the captain interrupted me with laughter.
“Is that possible?” I wondered.
“It's all rubbish!” he snapped, then continued, “These movies! Arrr! And then they even show how the captain is taking drugs on the plane and it’s just…” his response just halted in a slightly reproachful and grumbling note. I just went mute, wondering if he thought I suspected he was also taking drugs to fly his plane or something.