Monday, October 19, 2015

Addis Abaaaaaaaa!

ADC agent walks up to the boarding gate to do the boarding announcement. “Ladies and gentlemen, the flight ET 905 to Addis ‘Abaaaa’ is now ready for boarding…” Colleague -Paul freezes, stretches his neck forward and creates furrows on his forehead, “Del, did you hear what that guy said? Addis Abaaaa!” “I heard,” she says and bursts into laughter. “Del, is that a new destination? Addis Abaaaa!!! Kaparasiani Yawaal! On va voir tout dans l’aeroport ci!” Paul strolls towards ADC agent after boarding and teases. “Gar, tu a fait fort aujord’hui, Addis Abaaa! Is that a new destination?” Guy squints at Paul, bemused. Delphine is cracking up at one corner. “Addis Abaaaa! C’est dans quel pays mon frere? Where is that place found? Or is it Aba in Nigeria?" Guy gets irritated and tries to mask the scowl but Paul is relentless. “Tu est tres, tres fort, mon frère, Addis Abaaaa!!! Have you become one of these Chinese passengers who disembark in Douala while on transit instead of Malabo and start asking me at the door of the aircraft, “Malabaa? Malabaa?” And I just say Doualaaaaaa! Get back into the plane! Now I’m going to add your new destination, Addis Abaaaaaa! Addis Abaaaaaa. Hmmm, Kaparasiani Yawaal!” And Paul walks away like he hasn’t hurt a fly. ADC agent’s face looks like he wants to Floyd Mayweather Paul’s forehead… #Paul is still waiting for the location. #Or maybe the guy Christopher Columbus’ed that place? #We need Addis Abaaaa holiday makers abeg! No Visa required.