Thursday, February 19, 2015

Meeting people from all over the world

Sometime ago I met an English man on South African airways. His well terraced grey hair and pruned beards looked impressive. And he also looked remarkably familiar. I didn’t know him anyway but he looked like…
“Sir, you look like Wolf Blitzer!” I observed.
The man burst into laughter and asked,
“Who is Wolf Blitzer?”
“You don’t know him?”
“I don’t know him.” In my mind I was like, “then why are you laughing? How come you find humour in something you don’t know? Or is it the way I said it?
“He is a journalist for CNN.”
“I don’t watch CNN.”
“I am British.”
“Oh! So only BBC right?”
“Yes.” I wondered if it’s anti-Americanism or nationalist feelings as he went away.

Still on South African, I met someone I couldn’t quite guess where he was from. When I looked at his passport, I saw “The Republic of Mauritius” there. So I said,
“Sir you look more like a person from Sri Lanka.”
“My ancestors come from India!”
“Okay, so how beautiful is Mauritius” (for I know about their oceans). The man took a deep breath and gave me his punch line, 
“Mark Twain said Mauritius was created first, then paradise.” I laughed.

So one advantage of my job is that I meet people from all over the world. I made a Jordanian friend, Hamzeh N Alkour, a Cameroonian/French/Lebanese girl Maha Lamo, Polish friend Kinga Stukowlska. Met Australians, Argentines, Costa Rican family (one of the kids identified himself as American), Vietnamese, Bangladeshis, Sri Lankan, Eritrean, Mexicans, Cape Verdeans, Mozambicans, Tanzanians, Angolans and many of the “regular” countries in the world like USA, France, Germany, Canada, China, India etc.