Friday, November 3, 2017

How to differentiate between a Yaounde based and a Douala based Cameroonian in Douala

Let's say they are both friends and they want to step out at night. While the Douala based one just pops out of the house, the Yaounde based one stays behind, looking for their ID card. 'D, have you seen my ID?' Y asks. D sighs. 'Why do you sigh?' Y asks. 'I didn't take mine either.' 'D, get your ID nah. Oh I've just seen mine. Find yours, lets go.' 'I don't need it,' D says. 'What? Why?' Y wonders. 'In fact, whenever I go out in this Douala, I leave the thing behind.' 'Are you guys not afraid of police check ups?' Y asks. D inhales. 'Have you ever passed around Rond Point or the main junction in Ndokoti around 7.00 PM?' 'No,' Y answers. 'Okay, 1 million cars, 3 million okadas and 5 million people snail around those places between 7-9 PM. So tell me, which police officer wants to do that kind of suicidal work, checking IDs?' D points out. 'Na wah oh. Na so yi dey for here?' 'So leave that ID thing behind and lets go. Only pick it up when you're about to travel out of Douala, if not you're finished!'