Wednesday, October 26, 2016

When Airbus aims to start "Airtaxi"

European aerospace giant Airbus has quietly lifted the curtain on an ambitious Silicon Valley project called Vahana. It's a pilotless passenger aircraft that aims to someday add a vertical component to your commute. Think of Uber-like air taxis that can beat the traffic. Airbus recently posted its first conceptual renderings on a Medium blog. The drawings depict a helicopter-like craft that can take off and land vertically. There's room for a passenger under a canopy that retracts like a motorcycle helmet visor. Take a quick glance.

The conceptual design still looks science fiction like doesn't it? Like a modern mini version of Morpheus' hovercraft, Nebuchanezzar from "The Matrix" or one of those sci fi movies with futuristic small model airplanes. I hope it gets built pretty soon, so I can always board one on my way to work here in Cameroon and beat our eternal Douala traffic jams. Em, Vahana in Cameroon? Seriously! Lol.

Courtesy of CNN's "Quest Means Business" daily newsletter.