Thursday, June 2, 2016

"La Sauce" by Cameroonian singer Reniss


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Reniss! She’s been the happening girl in Kmer contemporary music these past two weeks. “LA SAUCE!” No, you can’t just mumble the phrase! You have to scream it because Reniss really does scream that song out of her lungs, “DANS LA SAUCE, LE PIMENT DANS LA SAUCE…” She’s all grown up now, to diva artist status. She isn’t that little girl who was singing the hook in that Jovi song, “BASTARD” anymore. She’s mature and doing her thing musically at New Bell. In “La Sauce” she delivers a solid, very original contemporary track that will boom the stereos of clubs and beer parlours nationwide as the biggest hit of her career yet. Not just because it’s good music but its an up-tempo, danceable song with a strong rhythm. And it’s curious where the song’s pulse comes from. “La Sauce’s” rhythm is heavily inspired by the Bikutsi music genre and Reniss killed it so well, you may be mistaken to conclude she’s a Bikutsi artist from the Beti tribe when she’s not. She simply mastered the rudiments of the genre and inflexed it into her craft.

The beat has got Jovi’s producer signature all over it. If you’re a Jovi fan, you just hear the “Le Monstre” heterogeneous touch. The video concept is creative –a lot of flamboyant traditional costumes and fashionable modern attire coupled with good tech feats and so much energetic dancing/choreography. But almost everybody in the video is “mad” and it starts with Reniss herself who warns, “All ting for here na craze!”… “Tu me parle je crie! Haaaaaa!” and she launches into a pair of screams disseminating sound decibels that can deafen one’s ears, that make you wonder if the two wires in her brain have been unwound. Lol. Even the singing itself, she sort of sing-screams her way through it in crazy, interesting way and it worked. But when the craziness subsides, she caresses the mic and rocks slowly and seductively to the symphony. But I’m wondering, what sauce is she singing about? Is it the one Mami Put sells which has got everybody scrambling for, or the “ngrimba sauce” which has been mystically doctored or just good lady sauce?

NB: I met Reniss about two months after writing this article, when she was travelling to Lome on Asky Airlines for a concert.