Thursday, May 12, 2016

Harness the Marketing Power of Cameroonian Scammers by Takang Fonkem

Contributing author, Takang Fonkem writes an insightful article about scamming from an interesting angle.

There’s no sale without a tale. If you ask me if Cameroonian scammers are entrepreneurs, I’ll tell you without a doubt- YES, they are! I was scared to become one. So I didn’t. I watched some of my friends make a lot of money off the internet while I was trying to get a university degree. I got the degree, they got the degree too. But they did so with a lot of money in their pockets.

This article is not to hail scamming. No. I just got the idea for it from a whatsapp audio which recently went viral and that made me pick up one thing. The scammer won just because he knows and understands his “mugu”. Like any other marketer or business man, you have to understand your customer behaviour. How to get their attention and then pull them down (a story line) before giving them the knockout punch (the sale).

If you ask me who to hire as my Marketing Manager/business developer, I’ll tell you to find me the best scammer around. First and foremost, they know How to Take Risk which is very important for a business. You just have to let them know why the Risk is important, because that is what lured them into scamming in the first place. They scam for a genuine reason. We can go along to castigate and un-justify why they scam, but I tell you it is a valid hustle.

Secondly, they all have a Resilient Spirit. They are Patient (in waiting for the mugu to fall) and they put in the Work to get the money. There are a lot of them out there in Cameroon and elsewhere. I’ll sign off this article but hoping it inspires someone to write a proper thesis on how and why businesses should harness the natural marketing power of scammers. 

Short Bio: Takang Fonkem is a senior Hydrogeologist and business man based in Johannesburg. He is also a PhD student. He produces hiphop music and raps as a hobby. He enjoys reading thought provoking articles and has just taken up writing for the flip side of the coin as another hobby.
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