Friday, March 11, 2016

The NBA's Shooting Star!

Michael Jordan made levitation and going against gravity an art. Magic Johnson made spectacular passing and innovative play an art. Allen Iverson made fast forward dribbling and the cross over an art. And now the NBA’s shooting star, Stephen Curry is turning three points scoring into his own fine art. How does he do it? Okay, he’s a cheat code, or maybe he’s, simply put, a three points specimen! Or maybe he’s, better put a sniper shooter with his canon being his hands and his fingers his trigger. Curry is not as lethal as MJ was, nor is he as magical as Magic was, nor is he a fast trickster as Iverson was. Curry simply added some curry powder to his beautiful game, period. And that curry powder spice is called long range shooting. The guy is making shots from positions so deep infield that his coach may be yelling before he takes the shot, “Oh, no what the hell is he doing?” And when he finally nails the shot, the same man may wonder aloud, “Oh no, that’s impossible! How the hell did he do it?” So how does he do it despite being only 6 foot 3? Well, only Curry knows best. But here’s my creative insight as to how it all happens.

First of all, he’s a tremendous cutter.  When he gets the ball, he barely needs space to deliver devastating three point range killing shots at his enemies even from midcourt, so he can’t be fully contained. He cuts and gaps, surges and gauges. And when he spots the enemy target clearly, he takes a split second aim and his canon hands and trigger fingers begin to rise in an outward lob quickly computing his bearings and angles of inclination like an aerial physicist. Next, he releases the three point missile from his canon, with his feet off the ground into its trajectory and watches it make the highly anticipated mortar attack. Steph releases the ball on his way up, so the higher discharge angle gives him more arc on his shot, which ascends and soars, descends and then punctures the net with precision in a nice swishing “chuff” sound. Sometimes when Curry is in the zone, he can tell when it’s going in. He doesn’t even halt to see it kill the enemy. He just does a blind shot. That is, he shoots, then turns and runs towards a team mate like Andre Iguodala and high-fives him, before the ball swooshes in the net, leaving the world to marvel at his picture perfect three point projectile blast and his Isaac Newtonish precision motion, which has made many to already consider him -the best man to ever shoot a basketball at long range, just six years into his NBA career.

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