Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Year wishes from the angle of the Dominican Republic

I met a Cameroonian girl at the airport a couple of weeks ago who was travelling to the Dominican Republic. I wondered aloud what was taking her all the way to that beautiful tropical country with picturesque beaches, such a rare destination from Douala! She told me she was in medical school there. Wow! I asked her to tell me one amazing fact about Dominican Republic which I don’t know that will blow me away. “DR has 365 rivers,” she said. I immediately went, “We probably have more than a thousand rivers here, what’s so special about 300 rivers?” She smiled and gave me her punch line, “365 rivers. That means in a non leap year, you can visit a new river every single day in the Dominican Republic.” “Whoa!” I exclaimed, absolutely stupefied by the point she had earlier made which I’d missed completely. And I remember thinking, that’s so well designed! God is a merciless architect. So as we start counting and living the days of 2014, like a tourist exploring all the 365 rivers in DR every single day of this new year, may it be a new journey to prosperity and may each day count for us. Right, I put a little creativity into my own new year wishes.

Elias Ozikpu: I enjoyed the creative ingredient.
Rosheedah Mutiu: I lyk it, u are really gonna b a gud writer u know!
Kiprop kimutai: Yes, there should be a prize for Facebook updates.
Fungai Machirori: Oh wow, you work at an airport! Must be such a fertile and conducive place to people watch.
Arrey Echi: Interesting piece Mr. Writer.
Yvette Ngalle Nnaeto: This is awesome, it blew my mind!