Thursday, November 14, 2013

Caine once again

Caine once again: It is a “Miracle” that we weren’t killed as we ran away from “Bayan Layi”. Our strongest boy, Banda was killed. We ran past the Kuka tree and also ran past “The Whispering Trees” as the bullets whistled around our ears. We ran and ran and ran until we got to the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. And then we gazed at the sea, hoping to catch a glimpse of a ship that will take us away to “America” But the problem is, we need some “Foreign Aid” to get there. NB: woven from the titles of the short stories, “Miracle” by Tope Folarin, “Bayan Layi” by Elnathan John, “The Whispering Trees” by Ibrahim Adam Abubakar, “America” by Chinelo Okparanta and “Foreign Aid” by Pede Hollist.

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