Saturday, June 8, 2013

My encounter with Bafana Bafana

Some days ago, while working on a South African Airways flight, i was at the door of the aircraft when it was opened and the hostess told me South Africa's national football team Bafana Bafana would be disembarking for a visit in Cameroon. I saw them alight one by one but didn't know most of them because they were new players. But i recognised some older ones from the 2010 worldcup; goalkeeper Khune, Bonghani Khumalo and Bernard Parker. There was one guy i had not seen yet and really wanted to meet. The dread locked man who had scored the thundershot left foot volley, the first goal of the 2010 world cup that almost tore Mexico's net. And he stepped out last. I said slowly, "Shabalala." He turned to me, smiled, extended his right hand and said, "Hey man, how are you?" I shook it,"I'm cool" "Nice to meet you man" he added and ran off. The incident reminded me of the day when I walked straight into Samuel Eto'o in front of the Air France VIP lounge during one old Swiss flight.