Sunday, March 3, 2013

Two years as a writer and going

Today marks two years since I started writing "very seriously". I wrote my first literary work, a poem when I was 13. But i had very little interest in creative writing then. I toyed with it a lot sometimes going for a year or two without writing anything. It was only when I got to High school in Saint Francis college that I developed the interest when a poem I wrote there won the best poem award the school magazine and my article about the fuel cell came second in a physics essay writing competition. The editor in chief of the school magazine, Mr Basil aka Pa Ba chose me to be his student editor to my surprise (and up till now he's still my writing coach) The other student editor was my writer friend, Ndedi Asek. That's when i really developed the interest. But the grueling university work couldn't permit me write. It was only on this day in 2011 that i plunged into my novel manuscript. And two years later, i have a completed novel manuscript, 8 short stories, 12 school memory stories, a couple of poems, a play and half a dozen blogs. Even though I'm still unpublished and faced a lot of disappointment and rejections, I keep going y'all and keep reading y'all. I also enjoy writing any thing for fun and honing my craft. I know the publishing doors will open very soon, very very soon. I have received a lot of encouraging feedback and support with my writing. so i will never stop pursuing that dream, never.