Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Dark Humour

Man: Who is that? Ah! Ignoramus, is that you my son?
Child: Yes Daddy, I’m back from school
Man: Oh, so what did you study in school today?
Child: Capitals!
Man: Interesting. So what is the capital of Cameroon?
Child: Paul Biya
Man: What?
Child: Paul Barthèlemy Biya’a Bi Mvondo
Man: Chei, this child has killed me. I dong waste money for school ooooh!
Wife: Why are you screaming? Did you not name him Ignoramus? What do you expect him to answer when all he hears are your Paul Biya praises, all he sees are your Paul Biya photos on the wall, on your T-shirts, on ..TV, on radio, in the papers…
Man: Woman, watch your mouth. That’s no defense for his thoughtless response
Woman: Na you sabi
Man: I’m off to see the Fon of Fons
Woman: Na you sabi
Fon: Ah! You’re here
Man: Yes, great fuo, light of our land
Fon: So what’s happening?
Man: Today? Nothing really. It’s just that er, the people in the big village are all wondering if you’ll still go in for the crowning ceremony in 2018.
Fon: Let them keep wondering.
Man: Will you still be on your throne fuo?
Fon: Since when did you start questioning me?
Man: Sorry fuo, it’s just that all my fellow chief members of the CP..council of elders have all written motions of support for your 2018 coronation fuo. I was counting them at home, let me continue...6063, 6064, 6065, 6066. Yes, 6066 letters fuo. That you should continue.
Fon: I don’t know
Man: Fuo, please, don’t talk like that. You know that if you die, our whole “village” will also die.
Fon: Shut up, I cannot die now. In 2004 when it was rumored that I was dead, did I not appear and told you people that I will die in 20 years? So any talk of my death should be around 2024…and beyond.
Man: Sorry fuo, yes fuo.
Fon: And about 2018, I’m still thinking.
Man: Please fuo, don’t think, just decide now and tell us you will be crowned. If you don’t, this big village will just cease to exist. You know you are our fon of fons, lion man, head of all the armed nchindas, number one sports man, king of the youths; em, king of the android youths, so that also makes you the android fon, new king of youth farmers…
Fon: Yes, I think they should do lots of farming now, with their jobless degrees.
Man: Brilliant, fuo! But what about youths in large cities like Douala where there is no piece of land for them to farm?
Fon: Well, they can create farms on their Android phones and cultivate it there since they are android youths who love pinging phones. How do they call that thing? Mobile Harps?
Man: Apps
Fon: Eh eh, they can create farm apps there! Farm Apps.
Man: And what about youths living in villages with no farm to market roads.
Fon: Idiot. Where there is no way, make a way. You can carry the food on your head to town!
Man: Oh, you’re a genius fuo, the Abraham Lincoln of this village, fon of the android, fon of MTN, fon of CNN even ESPN…
Fon: Shut up, shut that talkative thoughtless mouth of yours, Ignoramus.
Man: Yes sah, em, yes fuo, thank you fuo